1. Francesco Yates - Call [Official Music Video]

    I’m there when you call me


  2. Change

    Some days are hard, for many reasons. School, family, friends, relationships - they all have challenges. When one thing goes awry, it’s hard to do other things well too. Maybe I’m not meant to be where I am. Maybe that’s why my self-esteem has been so low lately. I feel lonely, left out, dumb, I can’t seem to get done all that I want to get done. Thinking about certain people I don’t see anymore makes me so, so sad. You can’t replace people. But you can’t change the fact that they’ve chosen not to be in your life. I have tried to fill the void and it sometimes works, but eventually it comes back. 

    I will keep searching for a way out, until one day I find where I belong. I started this journey not really knowing where I was going, only knowing I had to make it somewhere. I don’t know what I need to change. But I know I need to change something. 

    I don’t know who reads this. It doesn’t matter. We all have struggles. 

  3. Fall can’t come quick enough. Johnston and Murphy.

  4. After what must have been a scary visit to the vet for Gwen (she was spayed), she recuperates by taking up over half the chair while I study. She makes a fantastic butt warmer. 

  5. I am a new cat mom, so naturally it will be nothing but cat pictures from now on. The best accessory is a best friend, and it’s even better if they are furry, sweet, four-legged with pointy ears. New kitty  is named Guinevere, or Gwen for short. She also goes by GG, meow-meow, and kitty-cat. At first the shelter claimed was 2 years old, but the vet just told us she is only 5 months! She is either a kitten or a very tiny cat - I will update on growth. She was a cuddler from the moment I met her. She loves to be picked up and loved on - she is the sweetest cat I could ask for. 

  6. Sometimes I think I come out terrible in pictures but what I love about these are all the laughs. Friends are what will get you through the hard times. 


  7. Banks is very quickly becoming a sound I want to fill my ears with. 

  8. This summer soak up the sun until the very last moment - but don’t forget your sunscreen!

  9. Monsters by Skele at Austin’s art wall. 

  10. Take me back to May - 25 was one of the best birthdays I’ve had thanks to some lovely people.