2. Things to Remember for a Happier Life

    When ignored by that person whose attention means the most to you, the reaction in your brain is similar to physical pain.  

    Lover, best friend, sibling, or whomever. Some of us have high expectations. The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances - however, some don’t always abide by that rule. Here are some things to remember in your friendships (even relationships) for a happier, healthier outlook:

    • understand that happiness = actuality/expectation. more expectations, more unhappiness
    • understand that most people don’t know your expectations of them and you don’t know their expectations of you. hurt has a lot more to do with that mismatch than people being assholes
    • understand that for every human being, his/her own happiness is number one, and rightly so. don’t expect them to put yours above theirs, even if you don’t understand their reasoning
    • understand that friendship is a voluntary two-way exchange — there cannot be obligations
    • each of you should do whatever is comfortable for you. and each of you should choose how you grade the other’s friendship based on what he/she actually does rather than what you want him/her to be

    P.S. This is not original, I took these from a comment section from the article linked above. 



    Let me give you a flicker of what it’s like being in medical school and why I need interesting things to think about and see outside of science (When I’m not so overwhelmed I just want to crawl underneath my blankets and go to sleep - forever.)

    Since starting medical school I have wondered, at what point will I feel so overwhelmed with school that I break down? I hadn’t come close before, but I’m feeling it right about now.

    • I have to re-write and update a scientific paper and make it publishable for a scientific journal, my lab PI* requested that I have it done this week. In undergrad I would have a whole semester to do this!
    • Write a protocol for an in vitro** study I am doing. BTW I have never done an in vitro assay or ever worked with cell culture before. I have very little idea what of I’m doing. The post doc working with me on this wanted it done today! HAHAHA…
    • I submitted two abstracts to two different conferences where I’ll get to present my findings on the in vitro project - one of them I submitted just today! So see, I was productive. 
    • Tomorrow I see my first ever REAL patient and I have to actually talk to them and ask them relevant questions about their condition. I hope my patient doesn’t realize I know (almost) nothing.
    • To prepare for the above I started reading about their condition - typically this doesn’t happen but it’s my first clinical experience as a first year medical student and the doctor I’m paired up with gave me the case beforehand. Yay for being kinda prepared!
    • I have to catch up on 4 hours worth of lecture I missed today (it’s only Monday!). I just did two hours - two more to go!
    • I have to study last week’s and learn this week’s material while juggling all of this because I have a test next Wednesday.
    • For some awful reason I decided it was a great idea to sign up Tuesday night to administer flu shots. 
    • I also wanted to torture myself further and I signed up to volunteer half of my Saturday. 
    • Did I mention I have a test next Wednesday??

    In other words, I am a big whiny baby and all I want is a nap. Hold me?

    * PI is the principal investigator, aka the guy with the PhD and years of experience, aka the boss

    ** In vitro means working with cells in a petri dish 

  4. This new year I am trying to go with the flow and find my way. 

  5. Cool finds at my friendly neighborhood salvage store - serious question, what can I do with giant wagon wheels? 

  7. Let go of the past and make way for the future.

  8. In Morocco - 2013

    Morocco is one of the top places I want to visit when I can get the change to. Everything about it seems beautiful.

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  9. Wishes

    I want to make my mark on the world. I want people to remember me. Not many people, but a few who knew what was at the core of me. 

  10. Experimenting, the terrarium edition. Used a bit of moss in a recycled container, then added some pebbles and a mini gorilla I had laying around. Yes, I have mini animals laying around my apartment. The container is about 3-4 inches wide.